If you have never been to jail, you don;t want to go there. If you have spent time in jail, you don't want to go back. These are true statements. Jail and prison are not fun places to be. Ask almost anyone who has worked with an experienced criminal defense lawyer and they will tell you – whatever it cost, it was worth every penny.
If you are facing serious criminal charges, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, contact us to put the knowledge and expertise of an Ohio criminal defense attorney with more than 25 years of legal experience to work for you.
Michael C Hoague is a former prosecutor and municipal court judge who knows Ohio law and the Ohio legal system inside and out. His inside knowledge of the system and its key players allows him to accurately predict the likely outcome of a case, which is incredibly advantageous when planning your defense. He has logged thousands of hours in the courtroom from serious traffic offense to DUI, drug charges, assault, murder and many other serious crimes. He has a proven track record of success in defending criminal cases.
Our firm works with every type of serious felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, including:
  • DUI/DWI/OVI – from first time offenders to those with multiple drunk driving arrests
  • Drug Charges – including drug possession, intent to distribute, drug trafficking & drug manufacturing
  • Sex Crimes – including rape, sexual assault, solicitation and other crimes
  • Serious Felonies – including aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, attempted murder, manslaughter and murder
  • White Collar Crimes – including fraud, identity theft, embezzlement and securities fraud
  • Juvenile Court Proceedings
  • Traffic offenses – from speeding and reckless driving to open container, driving after suspension, diving without insurance and other traffic offenses.

In addition to criminal defense our firm also has extensive experience handling criminal appeals and post-conviction relief.

About Michael C. Hoague

Are criminal charges breathing down your neck? Ohio criminal defense attorney Michael C. Hoague can help. Mr. Hoague and the staff at Hoague Law Office are 100% dedicated to providing skilled criminal defense services to people throughout Ohio. Criminal defense is all we do, and we have extensive experience in this area. Attorney Hoague has more than 40 years of legal experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor, and municipal court judge. From DUI, drug charges, sex crimes, and serious felonies to internet crimes, juvenile offenses, and appeals, he has seen it all and can provide you with expert legal advice and aggressive criminal defense. Attorney Michael C. Hoague is licensed in the State of Ohio and the United States District Court. Our Practice is based in Delware Ohio, with offices in Columbus we practice all over the State of Ohio.

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