Sex crimes are among the most stigmatized crimes in today's society. People are quick to cast judgment on those who have been cahrged with such crimes. Everything from your reputation to your freedom could be at stake.
If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need to know that you are entitled to a legal defense just like every other person. Some lawyers won't handle these types of cases – that is their choice. However, at the Hoague Law Office we strongly believe that all people are entitled to a legal defense, regardless of the charges they face.
We can provide you with smart advice and skilled representation aimed at clearing you of the charges and minimizing any penalties you may face.
Michael C Hoague's resume includes more than 40 years of legal experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor and municipal court judge. Over the years he has worked on dozens of sex crime cases involving everything from lewd acts to sexual assault and rape. He has experience from every perspective of the courtroom, which is an invaluable asset when planning strategy and deciding how best to handle your case.
Our firm can provide you with skilled, aggressive criminal defense against all types of sex crime charges, including:
  • Rape, sexual assault and sexual battery
  • Statutory rape, unlawful sex with a minor
  • Prostitution, solicitation of prostitution
  • Solicitation of a minor, improper sexual conduct with a minor
  • Importuning, internet solicitation of a minor
  • Public indecency, public lewdness, obscenity
  • Possession of child pornography

About Michael C. Hoague

Are criminal charges breathing down your neck? Ohio criminal defense attorney Michael C. Hoague can help. Mr. Hoague and the staff at Hoague Law Office are 100% dedicated to providing skilled criminal defense services to people throughout Ohio. Criminal defense is all we do, and we have extensive experience in this area. Attorney Hoague has more than 40 years of legal experience as a defense attorney, prosecutor, and municipal court judge. From DUI, drug charges, sex crimes, and serious felonies to internet crimes, juvenile offenses, and appeals, he has seen it all and can provide you with expert legal advice and aggressive criminal defense. Attorney Michael C. Hoague is licensed in the State of Ohio and the United States District Court. Our Practice is based in Delware Ohio, with offices in Columbus we practice all over the State of Ohio.

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